Get cashback on downloading phone pe app

Everyone wants to save money. The great way is to use geniune app that provide cashback offer.

Phone pe is one of the great apps that offers such services. I have used this app and got cashbacks of good amount.

One-way is to use refer and earn, in which both the refering person and the person who installs app throught the link gets cashback based on offer.

This my references link. If you download throught this link and link your bank account in the app. You will get cashback of 75rs. Thrre are plenty of other offers for recharge, bills, online transactions, find transfer, etc.


Disable Cortana completely in windows 10 Home



If you are looking for fun and mind-bending puzzle games here are some cool games that you should try.
1. hocus.

It is a minimal perspective illusion puzzle game.
You only have to move the red square box to the red hole. But the shapes are designed in such a way that you have to think to select the path to the hole. The game is free up to 50th level after that it asks for the purchase.
Download the game here.

2. infinity loop

In this game, you have to connect all the lines and corners to make perfect connections.
The game has the second mode which is called dark mode. In which you have to disconnect all the connections.
The game has infinite levels and you can create your own level as well as you can share it too.
Download the game here.

3. Loopline

In this game, different shapes are crossing each other and each shape has line moving in it. You have to synchronize each line to avoid the collisions.
Download the game here.

4. Mekorama

In this game, you have to move the tiny robot to the f…


Since Apple has introduced face ID everybody has been amazed by it. But they have to use a dedicated hardware to make more accurate. Face ID is not a new technology, It has been used in many devices such as Dell XPS 13 which has been launched in 2017 which works perfectly.On other hands, Samsung uses IRIS scanner to unlock the phone which accurate as well as quick.
iPhone may be more secure than Android but it lacks many features. Android gives you more power to handle your smartphone easily. On iPhone, you need enter password every time but Android gives you feature to avoid entering the password every time. 
The feature is called SMART LOCK. This is usually available on stock Android. To use it go to settings => security =>smart lock. This feature contains following options: On-body detectionTrusted placesTrusted devicesTrusted faceTrusted voice 1. On-body detection: This feature allows you to unlock once and your device stays unlocked as long as it's in motion, like when y…


Finally, the Nokia 6 is launched globally. It comes with the stock Android Nougat which is a great thing. The Nokia 6 comes with different UI may be because China has issues with Google. The design of Nokia 6 looks similar to Nokia Lumia 830. The front looks more similar but the back side is little different as Nokia Lumia 830 comes with 20 MP camera and Nokia 6 comes with 16 MP. The screen size is different. Nokia 6 has 5.5 inches screen where Nokia Lumia 830 has 5 inches. The another difference is Nokia 6 does not contain cera button. It's a midrange price phone. The price in India may be around 16,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs for different models.
For specification of Nokia 6 visit the website:

For specification of Nokia Lumia 830 visit the website:
Nokia 6 has higher specification compared to Nokia Lumia 830. The price difference is also noticeable. Nokia 6 price is around 16,000 Rs to 20,000 …


While working on laptop or desktop at night you probably have a problem in eyes. The screen has a blue light which is provided to work in daylight. But at night, the blue light does not work great for your eyes. To deal with this problem, a software has been launched the f.lux

The benefit is that it automatically adjust the screen warmness according to the time. If you click on the graph like a sine wave as shown in the above image it will show you the preview of change in warmness. This software runs in the background. There will be no change in the daytime as there is no need to of warmness. But as the day passes it automatically change the warmness.

The question is how the software knows when to change warmness. It takes the information like geolocation of yours and the system time. That's how it knows when the sunset and sunrise will be on your location.
To change the location click on the change button. It popup another window as shown below. Type your location and click o…


1. Do not put file or folder on the desktop: Putting file or folder on the desktop which may be important will be in danger. You surely don't want to lose your file in case of system failure. If you do not wish that then keep a copy of that file in other disk drives except the system drive (usually Drive C:).

It is better to keep your desktop with only shortcuts.

2. Use antivirus: Virus can affect your files, folders or the entire system which is not a good thing. Some virus just creates a shortcut file of your original file which we can not open or access. These viruses usually come from USB devices which are used in other computers. There are other harmful viruses which come from the internet. In some encrypts the whole data of your system and make you pay them money to decrypt it. In these case, antivirus may not repair the files but it can warn you to not access the website or page.
I recommend Quick Heal, McAfee antiviruses which are best to protect your computer or system.