While working on laptop or desktop at night you probably have a problem in eyes. The screen has a blue light which is provided to work in daylight. But at night, the blue light does not work great for your eyes. To deal with this problem, a software has been launched the f.lux

The benefit is that it automatically adjust the screen warmness according to the time. If you click on the graph like a sine wave as shown in the above image it will show you the preview of change in warmness. This software runs in the background. There will be no change in the daytime as there is no need to of warmness. But as the day passes it automatically change the warmness.

The question is how the software knows when to change warmness. It takes the information like geolocation of yours and the system time. That's how it knows when the sunset and sunrise will be on your location.

To change the location click on the change button. It popup another window as shown below. Type your location and click on search and then click OK.

There is another cool feature of this software is the dark mode. which can be enabled by right-clicking on the notification icon on the taskbar or by opening the application and clicking by three horizontal lines on the top-right.

And if you are a coder then you will like this feature definitely. The screen looks amazing in dark mode.

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