Microsoft is a huge company providing windows operating system and so many other products. The biggest used product is the windows operating system and most people love the features provided. But sometimes it becomes worse than become better. 

Earlier versions of windows are windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 & 8.1. On each version, Microsoft made a remarkable improvement. Which makes it a popular operating system now. It's not an open source but yes it is moderate in price compared to Mac OS.

These days most desktop computers and laptop comes with windows 10 OS. Most people liked it but there are some features that worked great in windows 8 & 8.1 compare to windows 10.

Below are the features that are not effective in windows 10 as compared to windows 8 & 8.1:
  • Color: After upgrading to windows 10 you might have noticed that the color is not that much bright as compared to windows 8.1. It seems gray and it always feels off. In short, there is no more interesting user interface. On the other side windows 8.1 has colorful start screen which can be personalized.
  • Slow login: The latest windows 10 update has an issue on the windows login screen. When you click on the lock screen after starting the system, It will take the time to show the textbox to enter the password.
  • Icons: Design of icons are not impressive. It seems very flat where windows 8.1 has the classic icons.

  • Battery and Driver issues: When I first upgraded to windows 10 I was happy but it was no longer until I found that the desktop drivers are missing. I have to install it again. And the biggest issue is the battery performance. Battery drains so fast that I have to put my system to charge again and again.
As you can see in the above picture that the colors title bar in windows 10 & 8.1  has a big difference. windows 8.1 has cool and colorful bar where windows 10 doesn't. I know we can change colors of bars in windows 10 that are not effective as in windows 8.1.

Well, Battery and Driver may work perfectly with computers that come with windows 10. I recommend to not upgrade who have windows 7 or window 8. There may be performance issues. 

These were my thoughts for windows 10. If you do not agree with please comment down your thoughts and you can share my blog to start a discussion. Thank you

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