1. Do not put file or folder on the desktop: Putting file or folder on the desktop which may be important will be in danger. You surely don't want to lose your file in case of system failure. If you do not wish that then keep a copy of that file in other disk drives except the system drive (usually Drive C:).

It is better to keep your desktop with only shortcuts.

2. Use antivirus: Virus can affect your files, folders or the entire system which is not a good thing. Some virus just creates a shortcut file of your original file which we can not open or access. These viruses usually come from USB devices which are used in other computers. There are other harmful viruses which come from the internet. In some encrypts the whole data of your system and make you pay them money to decrypt it. In these case, antivirus may not repair the files but it can warn you to not access the website or page.
I recommend Quick Heal, McAfee antiviruses which are best to protect your computer or system.
If you can't buy then you can use K7 antivirus which is also paid but it provides 30 days of a trial pack which is renewable after 30 days. If your trial days are done, you can uninstall it and installed it again registering with same email id. It will protect from small viruses.

3. Increase battery life: Battery life is decreased by the time of use. You can increase its life little more. Do the following things:

  • Use airplane mode if you are not using wifi.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth. Turn on when you need it.
  • Keep brightness level medium.
  • Run minimum applications in the background. If the application is not necessary to run then end it.
  • Don't use any boosting software. It takes the space and runs in the background which increases the use of the battery.
4. Boost your starting: When you start your system and log in you might have noticed that system takes time when you click right button on the mouse to refresh. The reason is when you first start your system it loads the software that runs in the background. These applications are windows process and other softwares that you have installed. There is no need of these softwares to run in the background on startup. You can disable them to speed up your startup.

Simple, right click on taskbar→Task manager→More details(at the bottom)→Startup.

It is important to keep the drives updated with the latest versions to keep working smoothly with other softwares and system.

Hope this will helpful to you. If you have any query leave a comment. Thank you.


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